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    Over the past the year CV has been on a rapid decline, it started off slow and by the start of this year it turned into essentially an avalanche and a lot of people lost motivation, up until a few months ago nobody knew the future of CV and it was dark, a lot of people told us it's dead and we can't do anything and it's impossible to revive what we once had. They were wrong and we're going to show you why. CV Automated Active Recruitment System Over the past few months with the small tech team we had at the time we sparked an idea to create an intelligent automated recruitment system that no longer relied on volunteers spending hours every week/month recruiting people and forcing our volunteers to meet deadlines and quotas, AR was one of the largest reasons we couldn't retain a lot of staff, this ended up us losing extremely talented and valuable people over a simple yet tedious task. In our last community update we hinted we had been working on something that would change how CV operates forever. Today that day has arrived, as of this afternoon our first wave of the CV Automated Active Recruiting System has launched. This evening alone we have sent out close to eight hundred active recruiting messages, roughly 200 per game we support. Every single day from this day forward each game we support will have at least 100 AR posts done by the system per day, as the weeks go on and we develop more bots on more platforms this will increase Here is the numbers of just the current wave of bots we launched. 400 messages per day. 2800 messages per week. 11,200 messages per month. 134,400 messages per year. Once our short term goals are finished here are the numbers of how much will be done: 1,200 messages per day. 8,400 messages per week. 33,600 messages per month. 403,200 messages per year. These are just the numbers for our current 4 games we support which are League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG and CSGO, as we expand into new games these numbers will gradually increase. With volunteers the average section would have around 6 staff members each doing potentially 10 per week so this is a massive increase to our reach that we have never been able to do before. How does is it work? The bots for each platform have been developed differently, unlike the usual spam copy and paste from the majority of our recruitment volunteers, this bot is able to pick up on phrases on LFG posts and generate a response based on what they're looking for. For example if someone is looking for a duo ranked partner on league, it will dedicate a response around them looking for ranked partners rather than advertising our entire social aspect and overloading them with irrelevant information they aren't looking for. Expanding These "bots" give us a opportunity to expand into any and every game we desire without even having the staff to run the section, as a new game is coming close to launch we have bots ready and recruiting weeks before the game launches and build a staff team around the people we have recruited for that game, CVs expansion no longer relies on people to get it started, we no longer have to make a post advertising a new game on our forum and hoping we find someone willing to run it, we can build a staff team every time out of the people we recruit as they are specifically interested in that game. What do staff do then? With the changes above finally coming to life and no longer just a concept, we have gone back to the drawing board as to how our structure is laid out and who does what exactly. Here below is a list of all CV ranks and what is expected from each role. Trial Moderator (Replacing Recruiter) We believe on giving all our members an equal chance at proving themselves, trial moderator is the perfect entry into our staff ranks as people who are aspiring to go further will truly understand how CV should operate on a day to day basis. With the new recruitment system coming into place, Moderators are now more important than ever as even though we do not require our Moderators to meet deadlines and quotas, our new system will be bringing people to our community and the primary responsibility for our Moderators is be active around the game they support and properly introduce the people we're recruiting to the community. Responsibilities for Moderators include; Approving/Declining Applications. Introductions. (Now that the trial system was removed this process is now easier than ever) Actively playing on Teamspeak with Members. Hosting events for your section (If applicable). Trials that put in the extra effort to make our new members feel welcomed and contribute towards keeping our sections active will move on to becoming a full Moderator. Moderator Even though the primary tasks for a Moderator are exactly the same, there is something that makes a full moderator stand out from a trial moderator. Approving/Declining Applications. Introductions. Actively playing on teamspeak with Members. Hosting events for your section (If applicable). Quality Assurance when it comes to new Trial Moderators. Moderators will have the opportunity to ghost in on introductions and make sure that new trials are keeping up with the standard of how we welcome people to our community, on a regular bases moderators will meet up with their Game Leader giving reliable feedback so Game Leaders can make sure the people going the extra mile will be promoted much quicker. Ability to run events and present new ideas Becoming a full moderator means you're now a core member of our staff team, we rely heavily on the new ideas and suggestions from our active staff teams and your ideas could continue to shape our community for the future. Training Staff Moderators can attend training sessions with seniors and new trials so they can learn and understand how to train new staff correctly, after listening in and fully understanding what is needed, Moderators can then train staff independently with the approval of their Seniors. Moderators that are dedicated to improving the quality of our community and what we stand for will move on to becoming a Senior Moderator. Senior Moderator Senior Moderators also have the same basic responsibilities of both a Mod and a Trial Mod. However this where leadership really starts to fall into place within the section, Senior Moderators will also be responsbile for; Finding and promoting new staff members for the section that they support. Training new staff members and ensuring all staff are trained at the highest quality. Managing and Maintaining active event schedules within their section (if applicable). Game Leader Game Leaders are the representatives of each section we support, they take full responsibility for their sections performance and activity, they have full creative freedom to bring new ideas and implement them to their sections to ensure each game we support is at the highest quality. Game Leaders role is similar to Team Leaders in any real life work place, their job is to communicate on a regular basis with all of their staff, ensure morale at all times is stable and our sections are moving forward. Here below is a list of specific responsibilities for our Game Leaders; Host and attend regular Bi-Weekly meetings with their section to discuss activity, direction, goals and achievements. Finding and promoting new staff members for the section that they support. Training and promoting Trials/Mods/Seniors at the highest quality. Find new and creative ways to bring activity into their section. Officer Officers are chosen from the most dedicated members of staff within our community, long term serving staff members who have really left their mark on our community and pushed our community forward. Officers are entry into Leadership at the highest level, CV is now as much as their project as it is the rest of the leaders and their creative ideas and suggestions will help pathe a new direction for the future. They are key assets in the major decision making as the community grows and expands, problem solving on a day to day basis and handling stressful situations in a calm and unbiased manner. Officers are no longer bound to a particular section, we're removing the barriers between sections and turning into OUR community, Officers will actively make themselves available for all our of Game Leaders and games we support, Officers will be active on all of our dedicated platforms offering support to veteran staff members and new trials equally. Officers are the primary bridge of communication between the games we support and the overall community leadership, problems that arise within our games will be actively communicated and ensured that each game we have has the highest level of support possible from the entire leadership. Officers are expected to attend regular leadership meetings to discuss future plans, expansion opportunities and major events to improve the quality of CV, Officers are also expected to attend BiWeekly Game Meetings to make sure all the moderators within our sections have their opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns directly to leadership. Officers are required to have active presence in the game sections they're playing at the time, getting involved with members regularly and hosting games. Clan Leader Clan Leader is the highest possible obtainable rank of CV, it requires major dedication to the quality of our community and a major representative for everything we stand for. Clan Leaders are responsible of actively working with all games and all staff across all of our platforms to ensure CV is moving in the right direction. Clan Leaders are responsible for coming up with and presenting new ideas to improve the quality of life for CV members and its staff. Clan Leaders are responsible for designing our hierarchy, structure and planning. Clan Leaders are required to dedicate time into new projects and new ideas to push the CV Network onto new possibilities. Clan Leaders are required to find new creative ways to bring new opportunities to our community whether it be sponsorships, partners, new ways to increase activity and more. Clan Leaders are to host monthly community meetings with the entire community staff to inform all of what we're currently working to achieve, what we have achieved over the previous month and ensure a direct line of communication is available for all of our members. Clan Leaders will follow up each community meeting with a informative community post outlining everything the community is working to achieve to further our transparency for the future. Clan Leaders are required to pay attention to rising stars within our community and ensure we have the most active and best possible choices in our leadership at all times. Clan Leaders are required to respond quickly to major situations and handle them in an unbiased and professional manner. Clan Leaders are required to act quickly on sections under performing and inactive leadership. Stance on section segregation With all of the specific roles listed above, we wanted outline one major difference moving forward, we're removing the barrier between sections, we want to get away from the mentality that you cannot help a section because it's not your section and you can't come up with ideas because its not section. We are one community and we want to encourage all of us to work together to bringing our community back on its feet and into the future, all staff at all levels should support each other and make sure each others sections are all running at the highest quality. Our new project Recently are new opportunity has come to light and we saw it as a massive opportunity to help bring more activity on our teamspeak. As a little backstory for context, one of my all time favorite games that I've invested over 6,000 hours into is coming an end, the developers were recently laid off and the game is not looking too hopeful, this game is called Just Survive. After spending a long time in a community that is relatively small, you come to learn everyone's name and what clan they are in and what their play style is and so on. With that being said our technicians are currently working on a new project branded by CV called www.rustsurvive.com a play on words of the name Just Survive, we're creating a unique feature that hasn't really been supported before, our developers have made completely unique and custom plugins that no other server has. These unique experience we can offer on our server on top of the large player bases that will come over from Just Survive makes it a perfect project for CV. A lot of gaming communities go down the roads of running their own game servers, tournaments, esports and more, this is the first step of our community expanding out into running our own game servers and creating a new possibility to bring members into to our community. Technical Update Allow me to introduce the new additions to our technical team; Sembrik Primarily a back end developer specializing in C#, VB.NET, PHP, JAVA and Networking (Mesh Network programming and client/server architecture), but also proficient in C++, C and Python. Experienced in CI and automated artifact deployment. Sembrik is currently working on the development of our new Automated Active Recruitment System. Alfen Primarily a backend developer specializing in Python (Mostly big data analysis), Command script (Pipe I/O), JAVA (Web RUSTful apis), websockets and sevlets. Alfen is also currently working of the development of our new Automated Active Recruitment System. Nightwalkerkg Primarily a front end developer specializing in javascript (React, Vue) ES6, scss. Also proficient in Design, UX/UI and branding Nightwalker is currently working on our new CV homepage and our rust projects website. Rust website: http://www.rustsurvive.com Preview: New homepage design: This isn't the completely final version but here is the concept nightwalker has been working on. Here is also a list of things our existing developer team is working on. Tagknife Tagknife is improving usability of forums, publishing our community forum to give guests a better idea of what they're joining. Tag is also working on the rust website back end and rust server setup. Miniwonder Primarily working on the CV Automated Recruitment System, Mini is also actively developing all of our custom plugins for our rust server, here is an example below of third person that mini has developed. TMS Actively working on the CV Automated Recruitment System and management panel. Also actively working working on our rust plugins for our new project. TMS has also setup data analysis tracking so we can actively monitor the CV Automated Recruitment System. Here below is a picture of our internal dashboard that TMS developed. In our next community update we'll be looking at our discord platform, outlining the progress on our CV website and rust project and giving back some data of our recruitment system that we are currently launching. Thank you for taking the time to check out all our latest updates, we're currently looking for more people with any technical experience that are willing to get behind all of our projects so please get in touch if you have any experience to offer. Thanks, Oreo <3
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    Heya Everyone! I'm Oreo (Jack). I'm 23 years old and from the UK. I'm the original owner and founder of The Chaos Vanguard, we created this community on August 31st 2013. Over the past years I've been extremely lucky to watch this community grow to massive heights, meeting up with fellow members IRL and making some friends for life. I am humbled everyday by the mistakes I've made as my time as a Leader here and I strive as much as I can to do the best I can for this community and it's members. I'm always there if you have a question (even if my response time sucks? ;p) I play games as much as I can, I'm extremely competitive and become dedicated in whichever game I invest my time into. My all time favorite games are Left 4 Dead 2, I played this at a semi professional level competing in tournaments in versus mode. My favorite game after those days would have to be Just Survive, I currently have 6,100 hours played on that game on steam :) With Just Survive slowly coming to an end I've made my way to rust with a couple of close friends, we're grinding it really hard to learn as much as we can about the game, I recently just made a new Rust video that hopefully the three of us can look back on and laugh at how bad we were, feel free to check it out here; I do dabble a little bit in video editing mostly in Vegas Pro 13, After Effects and Movie Maker so if you ever have editing questions or advice feel free to drop me a PM, also you can find more of my video edits on that channel! There are loads of games coming out all the time but for me there is currently 3 that I'm extremely excited to get my hands on, they are: State of Decay 2 Massive fan of the original State of Decay, only thing it lacked for me was no multiplayer, my attention span to single player games is rather low, the sequel features 4 player coop so I know I will love it! Bless Online Bless Online fills that MMO void I've had for a while, I did play WoW back in the day with friends and a bit of Archeage, but with this being a new MMO a lot of my friends from all different gaming circles are all kind of banding together into one game as well as my long term IRL friends too, so I'm extremely excited to play a game with all of my friends. Overkill's The Walking Dead This game I heard about a couple years ago, we had no information other than a extremely vague trailer, now this year we approaching the release and they are dropping character trailers every month leading up to E3 where we should see actual gameplay. I'm extremely excited to see more from this game, especially being the developers of Pay Day 2 I'm expecting this to be a huge success. As you could probably tell I'm a massive Zombie fan, if it's zombie and survival I'm probably gonna love it ;) I spent a lot of time on League of Legends before Just Survive came out, occasionally I pop back onto there, usually towards the end of each season to get the rewards but sometimes I get addicted and grind a few hundred ranked games! Feel free to add me there on EUW my tag is; CV Oreo Anything else you'd ever wish to know about me feel free to just drop me a PM, I'm all for meeting new people and finding people who share common interests so please don't feel shy about messaging me, I look forward to meeting you! That's it for now! Oreo <3
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    Hey there, I'am Krissy i am a moderator in the lovely League EUW Section. my games that i play are Black Desert Online and League my favorite champions in league are Katarina,Riven,Ahri And (Leg Mama Camile) I'am almost 2 years in CV so i know abit , so if anyone has questions or need some help with stuff hit me up <3
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    Hi I'm Buba, I'm 27 Years old and live in Belgium I am a Senior Moderator for the League Of Legends EUW section under suprevision of the beautiful CrazyBunny. Games I play: League of Legends, Runescape, CS:GO, Fortnite and Poker. (H1z1 but its dead) League of Legends: BubaV2 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061080404/ Youtube: BubaHIGH If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
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    Hey, Hi, Hello i'm Ricky, a founder here at CV and i've been playing games for as long as i can remember but currently not really playing much of anything right now, i play a little WoW, Oldschool RuneScape and League of Legends on occasion. Not really sure what else to put here so if there's anything else you'd like to know drop man a PM no long ting cool safe wag1 xo
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    Hello there boys and girls, we will be hosting inhouse games on a regular basis however unfortunately the section isn't active enough yet to set a normal daily schedule. Inhouses will be hosted "randomly" but will be announced on discord and in the CV League chat in client leaving enough time for people to know and be able to join. I would like to set a few rules for the inhouses to make them a little more structured or less chaotic: 1. Always ask the chat-room if anyone wants to join and invite first come first serve. 2. Be on TeamSpeak at all times when in an inhouse 3. Be in the correct channel with your team during an inhouse 4. Do not instant lock a lane to annoy a teammate 6. Do not flame, insult or troll other members 7. Do not rage quit 8. Do not dodge the queue on ARAM inhouses if you get a champion that you don't like 9. Do not end the match by default, use the surrender button. (before 15 minutes)
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    Since we have Members from all around the world i was wondering what some of your favorite foods are... Feel free to elaborate abit more about your favorite dishes! I'll use one of my favorite foods for example: Name: Scampi Diabolique ! (Also known as shrimps) Recipe: -Shrimps -Tomato -Garlic -Heavy Cream -Butter or olive oil -Pepper and salt ♥
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    Hey all, My IGL is SenTry, within CV I am a recruiter for the PUBG section. I hope to move forward and up as the New CV emerges and grow with you guys. In a professional mindset, I am the owner of Cortex - Specialists (wont bore you with details) but we make Mid-High level gaming machines, servers and Peer to Peer Networks. Cortex also has an eSport team which the players I am happy to say have all been scouted and now play in top 150 teams worldwide for CS:GO. We are expanding our games all the time, and if you want any details regarding the team or my company, drop me a message. Also if you want to get involved. However, here, I am merely a CV recruiter and a happy member of staff. If you have any questions or queries, or need to report anything. Message me on whatever platform you choose. Thank you all, SenTry Community est radix boni exitus perspicit (Made up my own CV moto, means --> Community is the root of success)
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    Cag Kebab - Special from my native city Erzurum, eastern part of Turkey
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    Welcome to The Chaos Vanguard! The Chaos Vanguard was founded on August 31st 2013 by a small group of like minded gamers and friends, our vision was to create a community where gamers from all over the world would be able to form new friendships and find new people to game with whether it be in a competitive manner or a casual one. As of mid 2018 we're rebuilding our community from the ground up, we've had years of experience in terms of what to do and what not to do when it comes to running a community, our first run was always trial and error, but now with an entire team of dedicated staff and passionate people from all over the world behind us, we're finally ready to take our gaming community to the next level. Why You Should Join - We are a vibrant and active community with thousands of members from all over the world, providing you plenty of opportunity to meet many new gaming friends who can help you and play with you. - Regular events which all members can participate in whether it be daily inhouses or our monthly tournaments where you can win cosmetic prizes and unique rewards. What We Expect From You - Be active on our forums and Teamspeak, not just in game. (Part of being in a community is being active on a regular basis). - Idle in our Teamspeak when you are online/in game on steam. (ts3.thechaosvanguard.co.uk). - Communicate in fluent English. - Be over the age of 16. We only seek active and loyal members to join us. If you are wondering why we ask for your frequent presence on our teamspeak and forums, then know it's one of the key reasons that powers our community. (Activity is one of our major defining benefits within our community) How to Join Joining our community is fairly straight forward and doesn't require you to jump through several hoops in order to get involved with the members and gaming, we prioritize getting you gaming with members as quickly as possible. In order to join you'll need to register an account on our forums, you can find that by clicking on this link: https://forums.thechaosvanguard.co.uk/register/ Once your registration is complete you'll need to fill out a quick application answering a few basic questions, you can do that by clicking here; https://forums.thechaosvanguard.co.uk/application/form/1-register-to-cv/ (You do not need to make an application thread manually, clicking the link above will copy and paste your form into a thread automatically) After you've done this a member of staff will review your application and respond with further information.
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    8 oz angel hair pasta (1/2 box) 2 cups chopped, cooked chicken 2 10 oz cans cream of chicken soup 1 cup salsa 1 cup sour cream *SOMEBODY TOUCHE MY SPHAGETT*
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    Me, Fritz and Vessly made a little video of us learning Rust, we played it here and there before but this is our first of hopefully many vids into Rust!
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    So what needs to be said? I'm Cradler, People call me Cradler. I play league of legends daily also csgo. If you want to add me you have to be on my level or ask as I'm a very good player. Currently ranks: League: Master 230lp Csgo: LEM: Faceit level 4 I like to eat chicken and tuna pasta. i also wish i was born Chinese but unfortunately I'm white
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    Not sure where to post this so here we go! PROFESSIONS FOR MAIN/ALT CHARACTERS! I was gonna make a video but I have no footage really so will just type it down. If you are like me and you want to min/max your character I would like to share this with you, its not just my opinion... its facts! Since there is no trading between players ingame professions becomes VERY important. Your main character only have 1 option really, unless you play Berserker. The reason that you dont have any other option is simple, the permanent buff you get from 2 of the professions are too strong to ignore, I will make a few examples... Lets say your main is GUARDIAN/PALADIN, your main profession have to be ARMORSMITHING and your secondary is optional but my suggestion is ALCHEMY. You will gain permanent physical and magic armor stats. If you want to avoid spending too much money on the auctionhouse buying stuff from the other professions I suggest you make an ALT character with in this case JEWELCRAFTING and COOKING. Why not ENCHANTING??? Well, enchanting has the weakest permanent stat AND I would make a 3rd character for enchanting only. You would only have to level up that character to level 3 to be able to make the highest tier of Pet Scrolls. GUARDIAN / PALADIN - ARMORSMITHING (physical + magic armor stats) MAGE / RANGER - JEWELCRAFTING (spell power / attack power) BERSERKER - ARMORSMITHING/JEWELCRAFTING Its easier for me to explain how and why on discord or Teamspeak so let me know if you wanna know more about it. At the end of the day we can all play how we want to, not everyone cares about min/max. Just sharing to maybe save you some time! // Jev
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    Hello everyone,my name's Farouk Aka CV Arya I'm 21 yo,i used to be a League of Legends Recruiter 2 years ago I'm currently playing Paladins,My IGN is Zoéy on EU Server I also play League of Legends on EUNE Known as Zoé if you have any questions feel free to ask
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    Base Game 30 USD https://blessonline.net/news_read/73
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    Not right now but i'm sure we will closer the time
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    Think you messed up there bud, lmao :')
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    Hey there, my name is Susan and I am the Game Leader for the League of Legends EUW section. I've been in CV for 2 and a half year and I found many friends here and also met my boyfriend, Buba here. My main game is currently League of Legends but occasionally I play some Overwatch or World of Warcraft as well. I mainly like to play support and sometimes mid.
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    Hello i'm Hunter.i'm from Greece i'm 21 years old almost 22.I study mechanical engineering.I love raving, mainly to techno music.I play CS:GO DOTA2 & PUBG. I LOVE COFFEE AND CHEESEBURGERS I'M THE GUY WITH THE SHADES.RAVING AT A TECHNO PARTY
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    Hello there, I would just like to say hello to you all. My real world name is Gordon (friends call me Gordo) which apparently means "spacious" "fort" - (luckily I'm not big enough to garrison an army in real life) the name is always taken in most games though so my IGN is Aedgyth/Eddy or variations of it. I live in Bristol, England, UK which is a nice city surrounded by countryside to the North, East and South and the Bristol Channel to the west leading to Wales, Ireland or North America depending on how many points you put into your nautical skills. I have enjoyed gaming for a long time, but my job has for many years consisted of shift-work (so played mainly US time zones) I have never really had any consistent days, or hours free to be able to do many things (from games to clubs, events) since I have started working mostly mornings in my new job I have been able to do so much more and feel a lot happier. I enjoy FPS and MMO games, I joined the Camelot Unchained kickstarter (which seems aeons ago) and have been keeping tabs on bless online. I play some FTP games such as world of tanks (that I spent way to much money on... ooh shinies), and started playing Steel Division. I have played Planetside, Battlefield 4, star wars Battlefront (last three iterations) played WoW for a long time when I was younger as well as Rift. Been keeping tabs on Riders of Elysium as my next FPS (especially after seeing how well/good Fortnite and PuBG have done). I play on my Dell inspiron i7 7700 1060 laptop (connected to monitor, keyboard etc) in my spare room/office and also have a older gaming PC under my desk. I have a dog (English Springer Spaniel) who with no bias is the bestest dog in the world, and also a Hamster that is very close in the cuteness stakes. and um, yeah that's a little about me if you should see my name. Have a glorious day.. Eddy, Summer and Edith (my hamster).
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    Hi, Im Jev, been in this community for a long time and met alot of good people here. I play mainly shooters & survival games but every now and then I go for a MMO grind! We all play games in different ways, I have fun when Im on top of the leaderboards! Feel free to check out my livestreams @ twitch.tv/Jevrath
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    Hello everyone My name is Love, I am a recruiter/ trial-mod here in the community for the League EUW section. I am quite new here, but even though I am new I have found a lot of nice people to talk to and play with. I play all kind of games, but currently the main game I play is League, but if you have nobody to play with I can always join in pretty much any game. If you wonder what lane and roll I play in League it is Top.
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    About me: Hello people from this lovely community. My name is Michel aka Mopiax, currently 21 years old and from the Netherlands. I studied for host/service, restaurant guy that brings food and drinks to the tables lol. And I am happy to say that im going to work in a restaurant in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) called First Floor. (feel free to ask me anything if you wanna know something about me) Games I love to play: League of Legends, Call of duty, Battlefield3, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Minion Masters, Rainbow Six: Siege and many other games. (I just play mainly league of legends and a quite of few other games) Feel free to add me if you wanna play with me someday; League-EUW: Ahrinonymous; Steam; Blizzard : Mopiax#2217; Origin: Mopiax. About League: (Ahrinonymous) Boosted player stil platinum after 4 seasons... (Highest rank plat 1 100 lp) yes I never got Diamond on my main account. Played this game since season 2. :-) Most played champions: Vayne, Fizz, Cassiopeia Favorite map: Summoners Rift Favorite roles: Mid/Adc and Jungle (also I sometimes like sup and top) you can call me a flex player. Cool Story: I used to be a member for like 3 years but I left CV twice (thats why im not veteran ranking) and I stil came back to this community? You may wonder why I come back twice.. well I basically feel home here and the people I met here are very fun to play with. So far I didn't really had bad experience with this community. And also I love to help out communities like CV thats why I applied for staff. Currently Trial-Moderator for League of legends EUW. And also been in other communties but I do not know CV just felt good for me. Picture of me: Bye Bye have a amazing day... :-)
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    Hello everyone, I recently made a large post explaining CV's current situation, what we're working on and why things aren't as bad as they seem, I decided to perhaps formalize this a little more and make a more detailed post outlining what we've done, what we're working on and what we plan to do in order further improve our transparency with our members, here below is just a short segment of the larger post I made. I want everyone to understand that the mentality isn't that CV is dying, yes we have dropped tremendously in activity, yes we have less games and we have less staff support however despite all of the negatives we still have a large team of people who are motivated to make changes for the better. I am humbled truly by the downfall of CV and I'm excited for it's future. About me Before I dive straight into the changes I wanted to be a bit more transparent regarding myself so you can see things from a different perspective. 2017 was probably one of the worst years for me on a personal level, towards the middle of last year a lot of my plans and life sort of got flipped upside down, people that I thought would be in my life forever were suddenly gone, friendships ended and ultimately I ended up pretty isolated. I had no motivation for CV whatsoever as to be honest I had no motivation with any aspect of my life at all. This created a huge domino effect as obviously there was no active leader, which meant things weren't getting checked, people could be lazy and get away with it, people could do fucked up things and get away with it as it obviously spiraled out of control because nobody cared, perhaps some cared but because the problem had become too great it was overwhelming for only a certain few individuals with limited power to handle. I'm happy to say that after the past 6 months of focusing on me, I'm in a much better place not only mentally but also physically. I've lost over 4st (25kg) and also reconnected a lot with old friends and met a lot of new ones. It has put my mind in a much more stable mindset, something I haven't had for a long time. Leadership With all of that time away from CV, this bring us to the state we are now, unstable and bare. I've mostly been working on my plans independently however I have taken a lot of my ideas to friends and staff to make sure my ideas were the right move, being idle for so long perhaps knocked my confidence into making such large changes. The start of my larger plan to improve the quality of CV is with it's leadership, for a long time we've had idle, lazy and inactive people in leadership which has created a much larger problem which was neglected, I've already begun working on this by demoting the following people; Christine Spectre Pink Each and everyone one of those names were hard pills to swallow when removing, all are considered friends and have contributed greatly to CVs history however inactivity and sheer unwillingness to make change has pushed this decision. I want to be clear that in regards to leadership this is only the beginning, my goal is to purge and rebuild a much more active, stable leadership all round. I'm seeking fresh new Officers and Leaders, people who have great ideas and a motivation to push them and this will be something you'll see in the near future as we continue to reestablish a leadership team. This trend will continue onto the other leadership roles being Game Leader and Senior, as we're such a smaller community I will have a great deal of involvement with every section and it's leader. Sections We've decided to close off a lot of our dead space and remove inactive sections spreading us thin, CV originally started out with two sections and went from there, from now on we'll only be officially supporting; League of Legends EUW League of Legends EUNE Just Survive PUBG CSGO Fortnite Which means the following games have been or are due to be closed; Overwatch Heroes of the Storm World of Warcraft Staff in sections are being reallocated and we're making each of our sections smaller to accommodate for our current activity. Active Recruiting Active recruiting for those who haven't been in staff before is currently the main sort of requirement for staff. Staff members are required to message new people and provide a screenshot as proof that they have contacted someone x amount of times per week, usually something like 5 messages per week, this all in all has made us lose a lot of staff, even though the concept of just a few minutes per week to do it was good on paper, ultimately people over the past year havent responded so well, it has lead us to a constant rotation in staff. CV didn't start out with Active Recruiting, we used to just have our staff bump our recruitment posts and be encouraged to go out of their way and contact people without the need to provide evidence for everything that they do, since we're a smaller community and our staff team is also significantly smaller, I think the mentality of how we recruit and how we work as a team has changed, that being said Active Recruiting has been abolished. Anyone that were considering becoming staff but didn't want to do that kind of quota could maybe reconsider helping out our community once again, the biggest goal for our staff at current is player retention and introductions. With the launch of CV 3.0 last September, introductions became very easy compared to before, a quick 5 minute chat with a new guest, pop their perms on and get them involved. This ontop of bumping and any extra effort is all that is asked from our staff now compared to large quotas, schedules and other things required. Technicians Most of the technicians work isn't as transparent as perhaps many of the other changes here, they work mostly on server stability, long coming new features, bugs and bots. I presume most people don't know who the technicians are and what they do so allow me to introduce them. Tagknife Tag is one of our longest serving technicians to date, Tag works on all aspect of CV be it forums, bots, servers or new features. Tag does most of the vetting when it comes to new technician applications and all in all deals with a lot of the larger technical issues we encounter. More recently Tag has been working on transferring all of our servers onto new affordable locations as well as website and server security. Tag is currently working on the URL redirect so that thechaosvanguard.co.uk will throw us straight onto our forums, larger issues with our DNS/Domain Host/Cloudflare made this much more complicated than anticipated. TMS TMS quickly became one of our most valuable technicians we've ever had to date. TMS works on our website and also works on developing new features that and honestly holds our tech team together, we've had techs come and go, our meetings through CV's darker times were hard to get people motivated however when we all get together and sit down TMS really brings a fresh mentality to the table, he's constantly looking for new ways to make CV a better place and using the power of the technician team to do it. Tms more recently has been working on our email server which is currently going online so when users get tagged or we get a new application, users will get email notifications as well as password recover for accounts will finally get an email to recover/change their password. Tms is currently working on a new feature that will greatly improve CV's overall recruitment as well as setting up a new CSGO server that he has kindly funded out of his own pocket. Miniwonder Mini is our newest Tech, only joining a couple weeks ago he has really been thrown in at the deep end. Mini has a massive amount of experience when it comes to coding, server management and much more that he can offer to our small team. Mini is currently working on a new project along with TMS to further enhance our recruitment capabilities without relying on manual labor from staff members and he's also assisting with server management with CSGO and Teamspeak. - I'd like to finish off by saying a massive thank you to everyone that still supports The Chaos Vanguard, even if it's as small as jumping on teamspeak to play with your friends. CV has been a huge part of my life and intend to make this place the best it can be for you all, my mentality is positive and I believe we can make this a better community that we've had for a long time, it's never too late to make something better than it was before. We're currently looking for more individuals that are willing to help us welcome new members to our community and bring new ideas to the table so if you have any desire to help us rebuild our dream then please get in contact with me. Thanks, Oreo
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    We are looking for new friends to our staff team, who are willing to help growing our section and community. With the removal of Active Recruitment, being a staff member is way easier than before. CS:GO Staff Member duties: -Bump your AR post on Teamfind 2 or more times a week. -You can still try to drive people in to CV by talking to them after/during your games. -Do introductions if necessary and when you are able to. -Be active within the community, try to interact with people as much as you can. -Try to host pugs. We use CV Faceit Hub now to host pugs. If you are interested on CS:GO and Chaos Vanguard at the same time, contact me, @Mini, @Dad or @Hunter to join our ranks. Lets light some things up!
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    Changed name from Gordo to Aedgyth!
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    I'll be trying bless
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    Seems like a nice game, nice graphics, fun mechanics but just not my style of game
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    Hello there! Your registration to The Chaos Vanguard has been approved, In order to complete your application please connect to our Teamspeak for a small introduction to the community. You can find our Teamspeak IP here: ts3.thechaosvanguard.co.uk Once you've completed your introduction here are a list of links you may find useful! Introduction Section Subscriber Club Discord Invite If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.
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    Ill be playing this with rick so should be fun
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    hey, thanks Ricky - do you have anywhere you hang out / check in ? here is a Q & A - they seem genuine, the Russian servers died due to poor running of the game and cash walls - so Neowitz decided to publish the game themselves in the West through Steam. They seem genuine, reworked the games combat and well - it looks pretty good. Here is the Bless press release / Q & A https://steamcommunity.com/games/681660/announcements/detail/1651011615841260190 Seems a pretty fair video here :
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    there's a handful of us that will be trying this game on release, you should join us :)
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    I didn't know them either @VIChiefIV But did someresearch and they worked on some mayor games such as; Fifa online, BF online,Crossfire (chineese cs:go if i remember correct).
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    Hi,let me start by mentioning I'ma extrovert and can be insensitive. I don't really follow what to introduce so here is some facts: inGame: Main game: Hearthstone, Hours = 11k, top rank = legend, favorite class = shaman(total wins on shaman being = 5.5k) lower tier games: I play heroes of the storm,world of tanks, sometime games of interest, but would be novice level to: league, pubg(need a better pc), others IRL: Highschool graduate(19) attending college in fall 2018(declared comp sci; neuro psychology minor) (bachelor's) I fix peoples websites for money(msg me for more information) and live off of my main hobby I spend most of my time prepping for college and training for armwresling. I am a middle weight arm-wrestler(almost professional) training to become better and make top 16 in my state for nationals next year. I live in Vermont I like cats and apples
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    Hi, and welcome Just to add to @Oreo , you can download and get it running in 5-10 mins depending on your internet speed, I have been happily sucking at it all day. https://www.vg247.com/2018/04/26/download-play-ring-of-elysium-english/
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    Sup guys, I'm Silent, or Doc. Just popping in to have a look around and see what you guys have going on. Let's shoot some stuff up etc alright?
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    Let's keep this brief ^-^ I've been a longstanding member of CV for almost 3 years and staff for 2 and a half years. I adore this community and spending time with them. I started out joining CV for Heroes of the Storm, from there I branched into other games and now I'm the Game Leader for Fortnite. Currently, I work at a Retail store and it keeps me quite busy nowadays. I've been an aspiring voiceover artist for a while now, feeling I have talent but no motivation to act on it. I'm now looking into teaching secondary school, so I will be taking a few college courses over the next few years to prepare my future. Overall I'm a knowledgable guy and can most likely help you with any issue you have, be it.. Personal, advice or general help.
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    @Mopiax Sushi is also in my top 3 !
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    Glad to have you back around Petch!
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    I like these with gravy and mash
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    I have multiple for different reasons. Ahri, cause I was a huge Naruto fan when she came out and I loved everything that had a 9-Tailed-Fox theme to it. Annie and Nunu, because they are simple and effective. Ezreal, because I like the playstyle.
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    This is what CV has come down to? A WHOLE section locked down with passwords. No wonder we are dead :D
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    Thank you for taking the time to write some great feedback with your previous experiences in mind, we have another community update coming in two days from now to inform people what we've been working on, what we've finished and what we're working on next in order to further the transparency. Some of your points raised here are included in our coming community update!