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  1. Bless Online

    Not right now but i'm sure we will closer the time
  2. Bless Online

    there's a handful of us that will be trying this game on release, you should join us :)
  3. Butta (call me shane)

    wanna arm wrestle bro??
  4. Gordo

    Welcome :D
  5. Ricky

    Hey, Hi, Hello i'm Ricky, a founder here at CV and i've been playing games for as long as i can remember but currently not really playing much of anything right now, i play a little WoW, Oldschool RuneScape and League of Legends on occasion. Not really sure what else to put here so if there's anything else you'd like to know drop man a PM no long ting cool safe wag1 xo
  6. favorite champion

    ahri #1 bois
  7. HELLO HENRY :)))))))))))))

    1. Hex7


      Thats HENRIDGE to you good sir


  8. Merry Easter Cutie

  9. Happy Birthday buddy x