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  1. Community Update

    Albeit changes are made, a lot of people still left due to the actions, behavior and favoritsm displayed by the officers still in place. Claiming that CV fell because you were away due to irl isnt very correct imo. The only fault you have is putting the wrong people in place to take care of the community in your absence. There was a time that every section and region helped eachother because the officers and gameleaders understood that it was all towards a greater good of a prospering community. Im not saying that the leadership at that time was perfect, people are still people and have there faults but the overal atmosphere in the community and the sections was better. The last two+ years however people are more concerned solely how their own section was doing and doing a bad job at it, unwilling to help someone they dont know and mostly concerned with their place on the ladder and how far they could get without doing something but be the first to put blame on someone else. And if a section did better for a brief time, instead of being humble and keep doing your job they found it needed to taunt other sections. And when called out on their behavior you had their guardian officers jump in to save them instead of teaching them what humility is and what it means to be in a community. Anyway i hope you can turn the ship around somehow and learn from the mistakes made in the past.
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