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  1. Name Change request thread.

  2. You were banned on your previous account. https://forums.thechaosvanguard.co.uk/profile/20992-padronnenzo/ - This account will remained banned. Oreo has agreed to remove your ban but if you get banned from CV again you will not get another chance. I suggest you abide to the CV rules. You should be unbanned on teamspeak now
  3. PUBG failed to initialize steam

    This is not the purpose of the Helpdesk. The Technicians dont help with anything game related. This is for official CV tech support to do with CV services such as Teamspeak, forums etc
  4. Cannot see CV banner on ts3

  5. Cannot see CV banner on ts3

    This is a change in TS not by us...
  6. Welcome to CV 3.0 - FAQ

    1.) As Oreo mentioned its currently backed up as we had no plan on it remaining accessible. 2.) At the moment TeamSpeak is cleared out of old ID's anything 90 days or older. We are currently looking at doing the same with the forums.
  7. Twitch Connect

    I think you can fill in twitch name but this doesn't link to our twitch streams module