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  1. Active members in CS Section?

    Mods are actively recruiting more players for the CS:GO section. It just hit a slump because holidays are over, i remember when the holidays were here we had like 15-20 or more ppl playing in the CS:GO section at a time and daily PUGs were hosted by PUG coords. I dont think that CV has a dedicated team right now but maybe in the future. Another reason why you cant find ppl is because you play on ESEA, the only ppl i know that play ESEA are @Warbarian and @bebax that are in CV and actually play ESEA. Most of the players we have in CV play either MM or faceit but mostly MM.
  2. CLG is hiring

    Hi if anyone is looking for a job in the esports industry CLG is hiring. http://clgaming.net/jobs NOTE: I am in no way related to CLG myself. I just thought i should share this in the community for people that are serious about gaming and esports. If this is against CV rules by all means delete this post.