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  1. What Is Your Favourite Movie

    Kin-dza-dza. It's an old Soviet Russian flick, which has depth, humour, sci-fi and asks and answers different philosophical questions of a human society. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I47CNxwlt9U (English and some other languages subtitles are included) "The society without a pant's colour differentiation has no purpose!"
  2. CV/Resume

    Hm.. I wonder, if I fill up my profile on linkedin, can I find someone here to check and say, what can be done better?
  3. Bless Online

    I've seen some pretty negative reviews about this game on YT. Here is one of it - TheLazyPeon -  Bless Online is an embarrassment to the MMORPG genre Is he right or no?
  4. This forum is restricted in Russian Federation.


    WTF, Roscomnadzor!?


  5. Final Fantasy XV PC edition

    How do you do? I pre-purchased this game. It has a multiplayer co-op. Anybody from EU part of the world wanna play together, when it is out (6th of March, 2018) ? We could play together and use Discord or TS for a voice chat.
  6. Travelling through the time and the space.