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  1. Oreo Introduction

    nice intro man, and yea cant wait for state of decay 2
  2. How do i git gud at pugb

    ah this is a good question. What I do to get better is die, die, and die. That way i die a lot and become so bad that i go into - skill. But the world cant caluclate negative so it becomes maximum. I dont know i am shit :D
  3. I'm not sure, but I hope Mount and Blade:bannerlord will be released. or at least the release date. Also any Elder Scrolls or mass efect games im always looking for that
  4. Any World of Warships players

    Hello Is there any world of warships players who looking to squad up i am up to play.
  5. What is Todays Date (Format: dd/mm/yyyy): 01/04/2018 What is your date of birth: 05/07/1999 Which game(s) are you applying for: PUBG,Warframe,CS:GO and some other survival games or whatever else is played Please provide us your IGN where we can find you e.g (Steam, League, Battlenet, Uplay). GoldenEyeEU, The Croatian Sensation Steam profile Link http://steamcommunity.com/id/Goldeneyeeu/