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  1. Date of birth 31/03/2000 Steam ID: CZBFb1cvH7yHStfl379swyYcaJI=
  2. Cradler Introduction

    So what needs to be said? I'm Cradler, People call me Cradler. I play league of legends daily also csgo. If you want to add me you have to be on my level or ask as I'm a very good player. Currently ranks: League: Master 230lp Csgo: LEM: Faceit level 4 I like to eat chicken and tuna pasta. i also wish i was born Chinese but unfortunately I'm white
  3. Buba

    Best senior ever, i love him too
  4. How do i git gud at pugb

    Just look at keepup hes worse
  5. Hi

    Hey Bilel, I'm Cradle, want to play on league message me on ts.
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  7. Rayven

    Welcome! we spoke on discord a little in the welcome channel, glad you're fully a member now, hope you enjoy the stay :)
  8. How to counter Kayn's ult as ADC?

    ban him?

    I like these with gravy and mash
  10. favorite champion

    Lee sin, He's not good at it ^
  11. Cunt

  12. Name Change request thread.

    Can i get my name changed to Cradler @tagKnife
  13. Love you