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  1. I am tagKnife, Procrastination genius

    Sorry, mans a ladies man.
  2. You know, I can not spy on you if you keep disconnecting.

    1. Loopylamaaa


      That is the point young padawan. Yet I can still spy on you

  3. Sup, I am tagKnife, I am a 24 year old Software Engineer from Liverpool, UK. My role in CV is the maintain the security, integrety and accessability of CV offered services for its members. I am the OG technician helping to rebuild the technician team with skilled individuals who I beleive can maintain our professional enviroment. I work alot in the Open Source scene contributing to Unreal Engine 4, Phalcon and any project which I see as useful or revolutionary. If there is room for procrastination you can garrentee I will be procrastinating, But I still get shit done, eventually.
  4. State of decay 2

    State of decay 1 was fun, but state of decay 2 being on microsoft store is the one reason i wont buy it.
  5. Name Change request thread.

    Done @Shabalaba
  6. Bless Online

    I'll be trying bless
  7. Community Update #2

    Hmm yes, progress :D
  8. Name Change request thread.

    Done @Oldaran
  9. Name Change request thread.

    Declined, Name is already taken. Declined, Name is already taken
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