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  1. Bless Online

    i'd suggest you to try the game out yourself then judge. but the majority of people agree with him
  2. Explain your IGN!

    Welp, "the name" Krissy got evolved from Kristin wich is my real name though i dont really like the Name Kristin. so my friends thought about how to change it and then Krissy was born
  3. I am tagKnife, Procrastination genius

    Hes a Spy with a nice laugh xD
  4. favorite champion

    Katarina <3
  5. Bless Online

    i mean, they tried Bless Online somewhat ages ago, it didnt really last long. and from what i've seen they didnt really change that much. i hope this time the game will be abit more enjoyable for people nowadays. its also kinda normal that "the population" is that high right now because the MMORPG Series has been dead for quite some years. thats why people hype every game that comes out new. #justatipdontspendtomuchmoneyonit
  6. Woody Intro

    Welcome <3
  7. Krissy

    Hey there, I'am Krissy i am a moderator in the lovely League EUW Section. my games that i play are Black Desert Online and League my favorite champions in league are Katarina,Riven,Ahri And (Leg Mama Camile) I'am almost 2 years in CV so i know abit , so if anyone has questions or need some help with stuff hit me up <3

    8 oz angel hair pasta (1/2 box) 2 cups chopped, cooked chicken 2 10 oz cans cream of chicken soup 1 cup salsa 1 cup sour cream *SOMEBODY TOUCHE MY SPHAGETT*
  9. Community Update #2

    Cant wait for things to be rolling smooth again <3
  10. MWORTEahsckmig/ANcug23shliU=
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