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  1. Hey, not sure if this is right section, if not you can move it, i've been streaming for a long time, and its hard for me to get viewers, so if anybody is intrested in checking me out, would be great https://www.twitch.tv/nix17 https://clips.twitch.tv/OnerousSplendidSkirretTheThing https://clips.twitch.tv/AssiduousHorribleTroutSeemsGood There are also 2 clips if you wish to check them out, i usualy stream cs go and couple other games.
  2. How do i git gud at pugb

    Serious question, pls no ban
  3. Hey dudes, so i wanna git gud at pugb, im sick of warbarian always braging about his kills and dick size, i watched shrood, shrimp i mean, and i wanna be like him but i don't know how, im playing on a xbox 360 controller, my friends tell me to get mouse and keyboard, but i don't have money for that, also fortnite is better gaem then pubgay
  4. Looking for Staff Members!

    How much do you pay ? https://prnt.sc/jbd64j
  5. Worst map ever, i like old one more, i rather have visual clarity than amazing graphics, it looks really good for source map, but the changes that they did, i don't like it.