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  1. Workings of the clan thing ?

    Out off of curiosity, is the clan thing working for you who are in a " big" clan? I'm currently in one of the CV clans with 98 members now but I can't see any of the other members in the rooster thing? It always stays empty so as it is now I fail to see the point since I cant "matchmake" with clan members or see who is doing what so I cant join clan members or invite them. I see online that people who are in smaller clans have the members in a list here and that makes sense so I'm wondering if it's just me who have this or if its a bug/too big clan... Now, of course, I see that I contribute my 5k points to the clan and I do get the clan perks so those aspects work but for matchmaking and finding people to do things with.. not so much.
  2. Battletag Exchange

    Battletag: TrallaE#2576 Region: EU
  3. [Youtube] Nightfall Strike Completed!

    Nicely done :D
  4. 1 More day!!

    Not hyped, just hoping I will able to actually log on ;) I mean, the more launches one experiences the less excited I get for the "launch day" since it's so often one will still have to wait a few days to have a pleasant experience... (But yes, of course, I am happy it's getting time to be able to play it, so looking forward to learning and playing a new game :))