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  1. The Monthly Play of the Game Competition!

    aww... why so? just saw it now that his status was different
  2. The Monthly Play of the Game Competition!

    When will we be seeing the result from the month of December?
  3. The Monthly Play of the Game Competition!

    sendt my clip!
  4. The Monthly Play of the Game Competition!

    Whould it be okey if i had a video with more then 1 clips i want to submitt, but each clip is for different categories? What I mean is that if I where to upload a 10 min long video with highlights and POTG some clips are just for them beeing POTG and most Highlight chould be for funny moments or moments that are almost one of a kind and rare to see. Reson I ask is for the fact that I got quite the ammount of clips that some are just funny and some that once I saw it I just got amazed to see it just happen... Like 1 clip i got is a funny one where i was just jumping around shooting as Genji, then I hit a random enemy phara with just a lucky shot, then few seconds later deflects a shot by widow straig back and saying hello afther easch kill... and 1 clip that I have is an amazing team kill support I did with a reaper
  5. Collecting Overwatch Clips!

    Is it okey to post youtube links to videoes? I uploads alot on my channel and if I have a moment in one of my video and want to submitt one and not all of the clips i have in 1 video i chould then say what min and second in the video wher the clip is...