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  1. Bless Online

    Produced by Neowitz? Didn't know that company yet until now, what other games have they made in the past? And what's their reputation in terms of long term support for their games? Do they just throw stuff on the market, do a quick cash grab and run or do they actually show TLC towards the communities that populate the games they make? :)
  2. Quite some interesting news is being fed to us as we approach the E3: - There's rumours of a new Xbox controller which caters specifically to people with a physical disability. If true and not a hoax this is quite a large leap forward to making sure everyone can enjoy games. - Rage 2 has been announced. While I never liked the original, for being too linear where it sort of promised an open world, part 2 is in fact an open world game. The idea of an open world game with a Mad Max/Fall Out-like setting should interest many a player. I just hope the multiplayer part of the game will receive proper support, because when it does it could be a competitor for the likes of for example GTA:Online.
  3. Suggest some platformer games

    A whole list of games you could play: http://www.metacritic.com/browse/games/genre/metascore/platformer/pc?view=condensed My own personal favourites are: Psychonauts. One of the best games I've ever played, period. Great story, characters, voice acting, level design etc. It's a classic as far as I'm concerned and it never got the attention by the public that it deserved. Mark of the Ninja. Brilliant game made by KLEI software, the people who brought us Shank1+2. Full of platforming and tactical stealth combat. One of my favourite games of all time. Prince of Persia, the sands of time. Brilliant game, although at 75% down the game's length there are a few too many fights with skeletons etc. PoP shines at its best when it's just the player versus environmental traps and puzzles. Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. Not for the faint of heart, these are tough platformers that have a lot of variation in levels, puzzles etc. Both are great games worth every penny. Fez. A platform/puzzle game with a unique twist: The world is shown in a 2d sideview but can be rotated meaning many puzzles involve playing with perspectives etc. Ronin, a 2d action turnbased platformer. Although more of a turnbased action game at heart it does feature extensive platforming which is very enjoyable.
  4. So we're not too far away from the opening of the largest computer gaming related event on the planet and hence the question begs: What game(s) are you looking forward to and why? Or what is your biggest fear that a game might turn out to be a flop? Top: Battlefield 1 I found to be utterly disappointing, with its with poor spray and pray gunplay and awkward map design. So here's hoping DICE Sweden can repack itself and deliver a game worthy of the Battlefield-franchise title. Please let it be WW2! Star Citizen hopefully will also show of more of its singleplayer campaign, Squadron 42, in the form of actual gameplay rather than in between cutscenes with actors like Mark Hamill. Flop: I'm thinking Xbox might face a flop with the next installment in the Crackdown series. Now I don't own an Xbox but if I did and had been looking forward to this title, I would be worried. The footage shown at the E3 2017 looked surprisingly 'meh' so after 1 more year of development under its belt this game had better come across as more convincing or it may very well turn out to be a flop of the show.
  5. Community Update

    I think that in order to reshape the community a number of things may be in order: 1. Although I have not been in CV for that long yet I have ample experience running a community (ran my own for +/- 12 years), I recognize the attitude description given by those who posted before me on this subject and who have been here much longer than I have. It is imperative that in any leadership setup two things are maintained: A. Lead by example. You cannot expect a leader to be respected if they publicly badmouth people, ignore/bend rules whenever it suits them etc. B. Everything you do as a leader is done to support the community, not just your own section. Not following this rule means in the end you'll end up with a bunch of people who all feel their little gaming section is their territory preventing them from interacting with people outside their own comfort zone. 2. Reduce burocracy within CV. I agree that clear systems on recruiting, welcoming, documenting progress of new people etc is in order. But, speaking for myself, when I looked at all the data that needs to be recorded when you bring someone in I immediately felt my energy wither away. Now, I know this sounds cocky, but I'm good at recruiting people so it's a shame that the procedures currently used reduces my enthusiasm to employ that skill for the community. And I have no doubt that I'm not the only one. If we could streamline the way new people can be brought in the community as a whole would surely benefit. 3. Have a serious look at the Teamspeak layout. If you want a more cohesive community you start by bringing people into closer proximity. Right now the CV TS server layout is, pardon for the expression, a mess. There's a million channels and subchannels, most of which are not or rarely used. Cutting away that excess fat will make for a more coherent layout where people who come online can actually see other people play games without having to scroll down 20 screens of empty channels. 4. Promote forum use. For a community the size of CV I would expect a lot more topics and discussions to be done on the forum. An event like the upcoming E3 would be a great way to show off game news, gameplay videos, post opinions and debate about the pros/cons of the industry and the direction it's headed. Similar to the layout of Teamspeak I think the forum could be made into a format that would more userfriendly and thus promote people to participate. As said, I have quite a few years of experience with this and have accumulated plenty of experiences with what does and does not work. I wouldn't mind helping out whenever assistance is needed, whether that be brainstorming in a TS session, recruiting people for new games we could support etc.
  6. So we recently had two games stirring up the discussion with regards to developers trying to make extra bucks over the backs of us gamers by introducing lootboxes/crates etc in their premium AAA games. These games being StarWars Battlefront 2 (by DICE) and Shadow of War (by Monolith). Personally I have no issues with games that introduce random stuff being thrown at you as long as these items serve the role of vanity gear, so essentially the way Overwatch does it. I can understand how this can keep people engaged and busy as they are trying to get their collection complete etc. It becomes a much bigger issue when it involves items that have a profound impact upon matters such as game balance, particularly when it's about multiplayer oriented games like is the case with Battlefront 2. Here random acquirement of items can give one person an unfair advantage versus someone with an equal amount of hours clocked into the game. And this sort of abuse versus us as consumer isn't new, with developers/publishers already trying to shove all sorts of DLC, season passes, micro transactions etc down our throats. What do you folks think? Should we tolerate this development? Are there ways in which we can actively go against this methodology if we don't agree with it, like boycotting the purchase of such titles? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and have a nice civilised discussion.