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Welcome to The Chaos Vanguard, Please register to apply to the community. Please make sure you have read our requirements before registering/applying as you will have to meet the requirements to join the community. Once completed use the "Register to CV" at the top of the forums. Once your application has been submitted and/or approve please connect to our TeamSpeak 3 Server.


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  1. Thank you for the replies! I went ahead and did what I could with Discord, and I messaged you back SenTry. I have not used Team Speak before so I'm having a bit of a learning curve, hopefully I'll be able to get it figured out soon! (Also, not important but *she, haha)
  2. Awesome, thank you for approving my application! I do have one question though, I cannot access some of the pages you linked (namely; the introduction thread) and I joined the Discord, but am unable to view anything. Are these things that will change with time? Is there something I need to do to change this? Thank you for any info you can provide!
  3. What is Todays Date (Format: dd/mm/yyyy): 10/18/2017 What is your date of birth: 12/29/1994 Which game(s) are you applying for: Overwatch Please provide us your IGN where we can find you e.g (Steam, League, Battlenet, Uplay). Battle.net - Saileene#1563, Steam - Saileene, XBox Live - Saileene