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    Forum Name: CairnLordSteam ID (link to your steam Account): https://steamcommunity.com/id/CairnLord/TS Name: CairnLordCurrent Rank: Gold Nova MasterRegion/Country: Poland, EULanguages: English, TurkishRole: RiflerDesires Team for (MM, ESEA, ESL?): MM, FaceitExperience (with serious teams, hour count): 1 teamAdditional Info (activity times, etc.): I am available most of times, just text me and we can play
  2. What is Todays Date (Format: dd/mm/yyyy): 03/05/2018 What is your date of birth: 08/02/2000 Which game(s) are you applying for: CS:GO Please provide us your IGN where we can find you e.g (Steam, League, Battlenet, Uplay). CairnLord Steam profile Link https://steamcommunity.com/id/CairnLord/