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  1. Bless Online

    ohhh they went Heiron - so glad you said or i would be wondering around the Union waste "hello ? hello ? anyone here" going to do it at 3pm just in case it gets locked again as people start returning home.
  2. Bless Online

    they are removing the locks later today - so if you want to create a new char you can
  3. Bless Online

    2 new servers - but Physis is still locked for new chars even though at normal - full at different times. Doesn't look like they will be increasing pop caps atm
  4. Bless Online

    the below is a confirmed bug now - so hopefully being fixed. yeah it's totally unnecessary, I can understand no player trading (though I still think solutions to bot's etc should be a developer issue and not a players problem) account bound costumes - meh don't like it but can live with it, kind of understand it (especially as the perk of sub is a new costume every month). But if you buy or have cash you should be able to spend it on whichever char you want, not have arbitrary restrictions on what you can and can't spend it on. But anyway, had some fun last night (though on the wrong server and faction as I did not want to wait in the queue much longer) - by the time I left there were already 4 servers up and running, 1 full, 1 crowded and 2 normal. So i's looking that they have the population, it's now down to them to justify people staying around.
  5. Bless Online

    Be careful when opening your bonus items if you have any founder packs. Not only are costumes char bound but apparently so is the currency you get with the packs (which is just silly), so be sure you want to open/spend it on that char. Edit: strike through - confirmed bug - just be carefull until fix goes in
  6. State of decay 2

    same i deleted my 2 communities to start again with a clean slate, but have had 3 long work days in a row. Now I am off for a few days, Bless is out, so SoD2 will be on the back burner for a bit, but it is fun.
  7. Bless Online

    ah cool - i will roll a char on there - union - physis they will have ironed out some of the problems by wednesday hopefully, lot's of little bugs atm damned that server is full and faction locked for Union - so really do hope things calm down for Wednesday.
  8. Bless Online

    If you want to get rid of the over censored chat then open the file location and change the text file - filter from false to true (there is no in game option) as below. C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Bless Online\Engine\Config BaseEngine.ini bAllowMatureLanguage=True
  9. Bless Online

    yeah it seems it was just one server for EU with 3 channels - which was never going to be enough, especially with RU players being on the EU servers. I logged in just after 30-25 minutes and the server was showing as full with faction lock already in place, a second server showed but was not available, as soon as it was I rolled a toon and got on there, and the starter area was already swarming with people. Seems they did not realise it was going to be so popular (though don;t read the reddit, they are all complaining about the whole things (graphics, lag, stuttering, delays, faction locks etc etc etc) anyway, hopefully the servers will be up again soon.
  10. Bless Online

    So a day away - so a handy video from one of the better Bless emissaries for those who maybe do not really know to much about the game.
  11. State of decay 2

    Having fun as well, pulled few late shifts so not played as much as I would like, but it's pretty addictive. I abandoned my community after my leader died, I invested far too much into her at the expense of the other members (lesson learnt) . Going to try co-op when I get some time. Thanks for the heads up to the game, probably would not have tried it otherwise.
  12. State of decay 2

    Any reason you dislike the MS store ?
  13. State of decay 2

    So how are people getting on ? Having fun so far, though last night I lost my leader. Got complacent and when killing a plague heart, did not realise I had run out of bombs and threw a fire cracker instead. Needless to say every zombie investigated the noise and overwhelmed me... Lesson not learnt 😁
  14. Name Change request thread.

    Is it possible to change my name to Aedgyth it's my TS and gamer name (as opposed to RL name) just to maintain consistency. Thankyou.
  15. Bless Online

    ah yes sorry it's the Paladin main class.