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  1. Bless Online

    ah yes sorry it's the Paladin main class.
  2. Bless Online

    ah cool - nice numbers. I will be playing a Cleric (I think we get 3 char slots - the other 2 will be for Assassin and Mystic when they eventually get released).
  3. The Happy Time murders

    Has anyone seen this trailer just released = I mean WTH Not safe for work, may contain sex / violence etc etc blah blah
  4. Bless Online

    hey, thanks Ricky - do you have anywhere you hang out / check in ? here is a Q & A - they seem genuine, the Russian servers died due to poor running of the game and cash walls - so Neowitz decided to publish the game themselves in the West through Steam. They seem genuine, reworked the games combat and well - it looks pretty good. Here is the Bless press release / Q & A https://steamcommunity.com/games/681660/announcements/detail/1651011615841260190 Seems a pretty fair video here :
  5. TS other games channel

    thanks Bubba, I get what you mean, maybe a session with a tickling stick might dissuade people from abusing it they get any ideas
  6. TS other games channel

    Hi, Was wondering if the TS channels Other games 1 and 2 could have different admin privileges so the people using them can change the room name to the game they are playing. You can just have a quick glance to see if anyone is playing what you are. I know that in the perfect world everyone would be messaging in discord or lobbies, but lets be honest once you start playing, unless someone is chatting to you, you don't come up to breathe to check messages etc to often. Anyway, just a thought so people can find others in games a little easier, and maybe help expand on some of the games we play. Thanks
  7. Bless Online

    Hi guys, Bless online will be released on the 28th / 30th May. The game is a MMO produced by Neowitz. Does anyone intend trying the game out ? Would be nice to have a few others in game playing. If so maybe we can give a shout in this thread, or discuss the game. https://store.steampowered.com/search/?snr=1_4_4__12&term=Bless+Online
  8. Hunter

    Hi, and welcome Just to add to @Oreo , you can download and get it running in 5-10 mins depending on your internet speed, I have been happily sucking at it all day. https://www.vg247.com/2018/04/26/download-play-ring-of-elysium-english/
  9. Blizzard just announced WoW Classic

    True, though on the private servers people are LFG all the time, and if your playing with guild mates etc it shouldn't be to hard. I mean there are several thousand on a lot of these private servers, and they are all playing just the first years content, often for years.
  10. Geostigmaa

    We have a lot in our hospital, they teach people who have had life changing incidents or diseases how to carry out their daily lives in the best way possible taking into account their new circumstances. They always seem pretty busy.
  11. Gordo

    Hi Warbarian thankyou Actually that does look fun - just watched this and it looks worth a try - it has spoilers in case people don't want to see the story SPOILERS IN VIDEO
  12. Blizzard just announced WoW Classic

    yeah you really need a dedicate group of players (or at least a few who play at the same time) on the older client. I am not sure what the rules are for private servers within CV - but if allowed always up for being a filthy casual and slowly level a char up just one night a week for fun if anywhere between 4-9 others are up for it
  13. Gordo

    Hi there thankyou.
  14. Rayven

    heya Rayven - just chatting to you on discord. those are some long hours man, you deserve gaming time.
  15. Gordo

    ah cool - def going to look it up then.