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    Hi Chaos Vanguard! I'm an 18 year old freelance graphic designer, media curator, gamer and avid Liverpool supporter from the south coast of the UK. I've been gaming for around 10 years, 6 of those have been on a PC, the other 4 we don't speak about as it includes console. I've been huge into Simulator games and FPS from the word go, from F1 2018, to CS:GO, across the board to Overwatch and LoL. If it's playable on PC I've probably been interested in it at one point. I've been a graphic designer / media curator for around 3 years, I'm self taught and have worked with companies such as HLTV and many Twitter accounts. I'm extremely laid back and love a laugh, I have a sense of dark humour but hey, who doesn't! I'm big into CS:GO, topping out at LEM and currently sitting at MG1 (don't smurf it's not worth the grind back up) Find me on Discord and Teamspeak, drop me a message and i'll gladly chat!! Happy gaming! Josh <3
  2. What is Todays Date (Format: dd/mm/yyyy): 07/17/2018 What is your date of birth: 11/30/1999 Which game(s) are you applying for: CS:GO Please provide us your IGN where we can find you e.g (Steam, League, Battlenet, Uplay). IGN: Josh Steam username: yung_sinxtra Steam profile Link https://steamcommunity.com/id/yung_sinxtra/