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CV EUW Tournament Rundown:

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Hey fellow CV members !

How we doing ?



Hi there Im Alex aka Frostie and i host and run League Of Legends EUW tournaments, i am not sure how many of you are aware we have even started running these again but they are starting to catch wind everywhere !!
All our tournaments will be free to enter with RP to win Payed out by myself, why you ask ? This is my way giving back to the players who let me do what i enjoy :) so lets see what we got going on ey :D

The Run Down!

Every Month on the Closest Sunday after the 20th of that month the tournament will be ran within the afternoon 2pm uk time. Players will sign up via a website and a discord ( more used to run me around fixing issues) and then be set up in random brackets. 

The top 4 players will get prizes of set amounts of RP ( lets say its enough to make you want to win)  that gets gifted to the players within 48hours.

The plan going forward is to fix our name within the internet and get a following, yes they may not join us as of yet but other plans are in the work for that, this will allow us to look into getting sponsored prizes .... wouldn't we all want that ? A chance to win a new Gear ?


Discord:  https://discord.gg/m5dPCyp

Up coming:



Above is a link to our next 1v1 why not come join in and be part of our growth ? And have a chance of taking sweet RP off me ;)

Hope to see you all around.


Any questions please let me know <3


LOve from 

The Snowman

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