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Fortnite Competetive!

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Hello and welcome to the official CV Fortnite Competetive forum.

We are sorting to make a group for more competetive play against other clans, this way we can expand our name and have fun with other clans. Making more friends and a bigger community to come.


"Is there only going to be one team?"

Right at this moment, yes.

We want to expand our clan further in the Fortnite section before we make small "Clan wars" between 2 teams in this community. This is also a way to encourage all the players you like to play with and would like to be more competetive with being recruited in this Clan.


What would I like to know of you? 

For now i'd like to know your Wins, Level, Hours played, In-game name and preferred "Item" or so called weapon.

We'd like a team to have a great synergy but also a mixture of skill. Which means, people that can handle sticky business (Say 2 or more people are focusing you) and know a great way getting out of this situation. And also people that know how to handle long range and assasinate the enemy completely.

Furthermore i'd like you to explain your best "Role" within the game as well.

As stated below:


In-game name: Selpheus

Level: 49

Hours played: 39

Wins: Solo : 3 / Duo : 9 / Squad : 14

Prefered weapon: The regular AR rifle, silenced pistol and Sniper.

Role: I'd like the role of "Support" or "Builder" I am confident in my fast building on ambushes and when we are ambushed. Furthermore I play most of my hours solo and have a fast paced gameplay with a lot of assasination.



Everyone will be taken in to consideration.


Let's give those other clan's a nightmare they can never come out of.





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In-game name: CV LordCommander

Level: 30

Hours played: 19 hours and 47 min

Wins: Solo : 0 / Duo : 1 / Squad : 6

Prefered weapon: The Blue AR rifle, Purple Scar, Purple Tac, Blue Pistol, Purple Unsilenced Pistol

Role: I'd like the role of "Assault". Im not much of a builder, but I can confront people 1v1 pretty well

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IGN: Papa Beer

Level: 65

Hours played: 101

Wins: solo: 1 / duo: 4 / squad: 46

Prefered weapon: epic tactical (currently practicing dual pump though as I think it's objectively better) with legendary bolt and silenced pistol/scar.

Role: I prefer to push hard by building above people and facing them with a shotgun or flanking them if I have a silenced pistol. I also really enjoy sniping. I'm fast at building but not for multiple people (I'd rather build a small tower for myself than build one big base) as I don't think I'm very good at building a base very strategically. 

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In-game name: ItsFilko

Level: 136

Hours played: 25

Wins: Solo : 15 / Duo : 11 / Squad : 16

Prefered weapon: AR Rifle (SCAR, Standard, Burst), Shotgun (Pump/TAC), Tac SMG, Bolt Sniper/Hunting Rifle

Role: I'd like the role of Aggressor/Rifler. I sit back an build a fort take shots but pick my time right to push with the shotgun to get insane burst switching between Pump/TAC.

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