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Welcome to The Chaos Vanguard

Welcome to The Chaos Vanguard, Please register to apply to the community. Please make sure you have read our requirements before registering/applying as you will have to meet the requirements to join the community. Once completed use the "Register to CV" at the top of the forums. Once your application has been submitted and/or approve please connect to our TeamSpeak 3 Server.

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On The Horizon

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Dear members of The Chaos Vanguard,


Today is a very important day for our community as today will mark its closure as The Chaos Vanguard, after almost 5 years with the name it has been an absolute crazy journey and a life experience I will truly never forget. We've met thousands of unique gamers from all over the world of all different ages for over a dozen different online games, the passion that drove us when we started this community still runs through us today however we definitely lost our touch throughout the way, we made something massively successful and ultimately our hesitation to adapt new changes and deal with underlying problems was our downfall.

I truly believe that taking the experience we gained over the past 5 years we'll be able to create something even better than we ever have, and to achieve this we have decided to completely close The Chaos Vanguard and launch our new community Horizon. Horizon is a discord platform based community, we've spent weeks adapting and developing our automated recruitment system to get the best results to grow our community.

We will have a new website launching to showcase our new apparel line as well as general information about the community and upcoming IRL events we'll be attending. Moving forward we plan to emphasize our push as a community and IRL events will be a lot more frequent and ran much more professionally.

Changes to the discord will be made today, Teamspeak voice will be there for a little while yet if people wish to use it and the forums will also remain online for the foreseeable future so this announcement will be seen by more as well as any other announcements we may need to make.


Finally I'd just like to thank you all for the time and dedication you've shown to The Chaos Vanguard, I can't wait to do better for you all with Horizon.




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